1. E-Collars vs. Shock Collars: Dog Training Collars 101

    Coaching your dog to behave well is vital to maintaining a deep and loving connection. Addressing any negative behavior can be a complex process, and you may need to use certain tools to remedy it. Dog training collars are one resource that can guide your dog to better conduct. There are many different kinds of dog training collars available, including e-collars and “shock” collars. But before…Read More

  2. Avoid the Parent Trap: Don’t Treat Your Dog Like a Baby

    It is easy to fall into the harmful habit of treating your dog like a baby. After all, you and your dog develop a strong emotional bond. It may seem natural to treat your canine companion as an integral part of your family, but the dog’s evolutionary path is different. Dogs have the ability to share close bonds, but their relationships don’t fit the human definition of family. Instead, canines…Read More