Training is always better to do sooner rather than later. That’s because it is more difficult to train bad behaviors out of an animal than it is to reinforce good behaviors from the start. This gives us an opportunity to establish good routines and quickly correct undesirable actions. (i.e. jumping, biting…)

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Steps to Training Success

Benefits of Puppy Training

We highly recommend starting early when it comes to training your pup. Training can be fun too! It can be easy to let a small puppy get away with some bad behavior. After all, who can deny the face of a puppy, eh? But remember that every time your puppy gets away with something it is reinforced behavior telling the pup that it was ok. Unless preventative steps are taken, that behavior can lead to a bad habit that is harder to train out.

Patience is key

We highly recommend exercising the utmost positive reinforcement while starting your pup training process.

Don’t Punish After the Fact

When you come upon a mess that your puppy has made some time ago, it is best NOT to punish the pup. Puppies will not understand why they are being punished after the fact.