We Come To You!

Want to learn how to train your dog? Sign up for our in home training services and work one on one with our trainers as we teach you a new way to communicate with your dog. Our private in home training services can help you tackle specific issues such as:

  • Leash pulling
  • Chewing
  • Jumping on people
  • Door dashing
  • Come on command
  • Barking
  • Digging

Private Dog Training

In-Home Training Classes

Follow Up Trainings

Weekly Group Training Options

One-on-One Dog Training

Sessions with you & your pup

We work around your schedule

Alternative method of dog obedience schooling.

You’re Busy, We Know!

Save time and money! We’ll come to you!

Comfortable Environment

Training in the setting that your pup is familiar with helps

Private In-Home Dog Training – How it Works

Dogs, our best friends, and yet sometimes our worst nightmare. Let Come and Train it K9 help train your dog and you will see an improvement in their behavior guaranteed. Our professional private dog trainers can teach you, as well as your dog, methods that will help you and your dog grow together. Our in home training packages are a 2 phased approach.

Phase 1:

We work with your schedule to set up in home private sessions
Our trainer comes to your house and works with you and your dog(s) on specific obedience issues

Phase 2:

We want you at our weekly group classes held at neighborhood parks
Work with our trainers as we introduce your dog to new distractions and learn how to work your dog through those distractions
Socialize with other Come And Train It graduates! Share tips and learn how others have utilized our training style in their family.
Advance your dog’s training

Benefits of Private Dog Training

In-Home private dog training is an excellent option for those looking for an alternative method of dog obedience schooling. If you are looking for a way to train your dog at home and just need help to implement the right training techniques, then this option is for you! We can schedule a weekly routine and come to you so you get the full attention and time of one of our professional private dog trainers.

No more worrying about crowding in a room full of rambunctious animals and scrambling dog owners; trying to get the attention of the trainer between the barking. Now, we come to you for a private one-on-one experience unlike any other. You will gain invaluable time and experience with your dog that will lead to a stronger bond between you and your animal. Of course, you can expect obedience and behavior to improve as well, but above all, you will have the confidence and knowledge needed to continue using what you learn from us to better yourself and your pup for a very long time.

Contact us today to learn more or call now to schedule an appointment and get started! We are ready to help!