1. Ensuring Dog and Child Safety

    Children and dogs can form special bonds and engage in healthy play, but parents and dog owners need to know what precautions to take to make sure these interactions are safe and pleasant for everyone. Many children get their first impressions of dogs from books, games, and TV, and they assume every dog is friendly. This is not always the case. Even well-trained dogs can be unpredictable in unfami…Read More

  2. Make the Dog You Rescue Your Forever Dog

    The Come and Train It K9 team is committed to teaming up with pet owners to help rescued dogs stay in their forever homes. We launched our Train 1, Save 1 program this year to support local rescue organizations, and we’ve been working with our own rescues, Roman, for about a month and Charlie, a 100 lb-Anatolian Shepherd dog for seven months. Roman is an awesome German Shepherd dog who is ready …Read More

  3. Avoid the Parent Trap: Don’t Treat Your Dog Like a Baby

    It is easy to fall into the harmful habit of treating your dog like a baby. After all, you and your dog develop a strong emotional bond. It may seem natural to treat your canine companion as an integral part of your family, but the dog’s evolutionary path is different. Dogs have the ability to share close bonds, but their relationships don’t fit the human definition of family. Instead, canines…Read More