Before we take on any client, we provide you with a free in-home evaluation. This gives us the opportunity to see your dog in its own element, whether it’s the good, the bad, or the ugly.

Our Board and Train programs are the most sought-after programs we offer and have limited space, however we work hard and efficiently to avoid wait lists. We understand certain problems required immediate attention, and we try our best to make suitable accommodations.

The Better Dog Program

The Better Dog is an On-Leash Board and Train program.

Throughout the course of this program, we will work with your dog on all the standard commands in private and public situations. That’s right, we are going to take your dog in public environments that can be very stimulating or distracting for your dog. We do this to help the dog gain confidence and to help you gain confidence in your dog.

The Best Dog Program

The Best Dog is our most comprehensive Board and Train program. During this program, we cover both On-Leash and Off-Leash training. We also address learning good habits and work on teaching the dog more desirable behaviors when the dog is in a high state of arousal.

This training program will magnify your dog’s life to its greatest potential and, in turn, you reap the benefits of a better life with your dog.

The Best Puppy Program

The Best Puppy Program is one we are very proud to offer. This program is designed to give your dog the greatest level of success. It’s a 2-phase training program.

Phase 1 – We deal with naughty puppy behaviors and begin teaching your pup on-leash obedience. Once your puppy has an understanding of what we are asking, we are going to send your puppy home for 60 days. During those 60 days, a trainer will come to your home two (2) times for one-on-one work. The purpose of these follow-up visits is to teach you everything your puppy knows and how you can get it from them.

Phase 2 – Your puppy matures very quickly and we love to have them back. During the second phase, we are going to cover everything we did during phase 1 and advance your now older puppy to Off-Leash Training. Once your puppy has finished this phase, we will provide one (1) additional one-on-one training session in your home to show you how much more advanced your puppy is and how to get the best out of them.

The Life Saver Program

The purpose of this program is in its name. We get it. Having a dog who is aggressive or reactive towards people or other animals is extremely stressful. Your world seems very small because of these issues and behaviors. Other trainers have turned you away or you’ve tried other training programs without much success. Family doesn’t want to come over anymore or you’re the house on Nextdoor with the aggressive dog. If you’re reading this, and this applies to you, let me be the first to tell you, GOOD JOB. You haven’t done anything wrong. You are not a bad dog owner. The fact you’ve done research on getting your dog trained means you are one of the great dog owners, and you are why we are here. In most cases, there is hope.

The Life Saver program is a Board and Train program. We are going to do everything within our skill set to help your dog achieve a better version of itself. We are going to make YOUR world bigger and better. We even do special handling courses before your dog comes home because in some cases, you may have been the victim of your dog’s redirected aggression and it’s important we restore your confidence in your dog as much as we help restore your dog’s quality of life.

If you’re ready to help your dog be the best it can be, please call or contact us today about enrolling your pup in one of our board and train programs.